Le Sulky – Paris Vincennes Racecourse (Paris 12th district) – Rating: 7/10

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Address : Vincennes Hippodrome de Paris, 2 route de la ferme,  75012 Paris
Phone : 01 46 99 34 29

www. restaurant-hippodrome.com

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Free shuttle to the racetrack every 10 min. on Sunday.

The story of the name of the restaurant: the English word « Sulky » is also used for a two-wheeled car, with a single seat, pulled by a horse. The sulky is light, designed for fast horse races like trotting races, which explains the name of one of the restaurants of the Vincennes Racecourse, the specialist of the trotting race.

Last visit : January 2015 – Atmosphere : family – Price : brunch: adult €30, child (under 12 years old): €15

This was the first time that I went to a racetrack for a horse racing and I spent a lovely sunny afternoon with friends seeking an activity with their child on this Sunday of January. So we went to the Vincennes racecourse which occasionally organizes family events around the horse and pony (« Super Sunday »).

It is a nice idea to go out for families but be careful to not give in the frenzy of the game, as each adult visitor is awarded a € 2 bet ticket to step up to the plate.

Brunch au Sulky
Brunch at the Sulky

After the very bad experience left by the attempt to book a table the day before (to book a brunch, you need to pay in advance by phone for the whole table, really not convenient when each person pays his part; therefore we didn’t book and easily found a table when arriving as there were many tables available) and faded seventies appearance of the building, it is a rather good brunch offering : choice of sweetmeat (cannelés cakes, mini pastries, brownies, crumbles a bit dry), hot drinks (excellent coffee), cold drinks (mineral water, sparkling water, orange juice), buffet of starters of mixed quality (good meats but poor tomatoes mozza, it is not the season !, fish and meat paté not very appealing visually and not tested, grilled eggplant), good hot buffet (scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, fried potatoes, filet of chicken with mushrooms, rice, beans, etc.), cheeses (which quickly disappear!) and candy for the kids and adults. The buffet is regularly replenished, we feel the mastery of the managers. A waiter is always present to serve hot meals and many waiters regularly dispose the empty plates on the tables. The good rating despite an average value for money is explained by the service and especially the show: all tables overlook the racecourse and you can follow live races with the comments of the speaker (of course a place to avoid if you are looking for quiet!). Floors layout allows everyone to see the track without being hampered by front tables, but for those on the ground floor, they will have to climb 3 storeys to go to the buffet!

Vue panoramique sur la piste de course depuis le restaurant Le Sulky
Panoramic view on the racetrack from the Sulky restaurant

The restaurant also offers a room for a traditional catering (family formula at € 20 for adults and € 10 for children including main course and dessert, Sunday chicken that smelt very good the day of my visit!).

A good time for family fun.

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