La Pointe du groin (Paris 10th district) – Rating: 7/10

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Address : 8 rue de Belzunce 75010 Paris

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Last visit : May 2016 – Atmosphere : Breton resto-bar – Price: around 20-30 €/pers. drinks and appetizers

La Pointe du groin, à Paris
La Pointe du groin, in Paris

Invested by Chef Thierry Breton, the street of Belzunce shelters 3 establishments of the chef located side by side, of which the restaurant-bar La Pointe du groin (The Headland of the snout). With such a name, I had to try it (I am fond of pig, especially pieces considered as less noble: ears, tails, and feet). The cold cuts are generous and delicious, eaten outside of the restaurant, in the terrace, with a pint of beer or glass of wine at affordable prices (2 € before 8 pm, 4 € after). The originality: the service which shows the boss strong marketing capabilities: orders are taken and food withdrawn from the bar and exclusively settled in snouts, token equivalent to 1 € which we buy by 10-slice at the snouts ATM situated in the restaurant. No refund of the remaining snouts but you can use them for ever and the house knows how to adapt itself. For example it will serve you a ¾ filled pint of beer if you have only 3 snouts whereas a pint worth 4€ / snouts after 8 pm, which leads to higher consuming as you would not like to have tokens left.

As a result, the bill can reach 30 € / pers. including 2 drinks, an appetizer at 6 € (feet of pig sprinkled with parsley, light in quantity and full of onions), a small plate of delicatessen at 8 € and a rather common Breton cake.

Kind and dynamic service.

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