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This section presents the places where I went to in Paris, in France or abroad and I appreciated. Only establishments rated 7/10 or more are presented in this blog. I did not want to point the others because it is about my personal experience, which results generally from a single visit. The imperfections noted could be only mishaps and I respect too much the work of the professionals to judge them on a single visit (although some would deserve to be pointed because it is about the real swindles!). My rating takes into account the quality of the meal of course but also the setting and the service. It reads as follows:
Rating                                 I liked

  • less than 5/10        Not at all
  • 5/10                             Acceptable value for money but I do not want                                             to go back
  • 6/10                            A little : good but not great , I would not go back                                        spontaneously
  • 7/10                            A lot : very good, I would stay again
  • 8/10                            Passionately : excellent, I would definitely go                                              back
  • 9/10                            A madness : top, one can hardly do better
  • 10/10                         Enormous : the nirvana on earth

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